Product range

  • spelt
  • winter rye
  • oat
  • buckwheat
  • lupine
  • millet
  • flax
  • juices: apple, apple + carrot, apple + black currant, apple + pumpkin, apple + beetroot, birch + apple

Company profile

«Golden Parmen» was founded as farm enterprise in 2005. The location of the company is in Korop town in the Chernihiv region, located in northern Ukraine, far from industrial activities. Since 2013, the company is certified by Organic Standard according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production and Processing Standard.

The farm operates on 660 hectares of arable organic lands. Also, it has 23 hectares of apple orchards, vegetables and berries that is used for juice processing. For 2017, the company plans to produce lupine, oat, naked oat, spelt, rye, flax, hemp seeds, and some other niche products. The company is relatively small, favouring product traceability. Golden Parmen started its export activity in 2013 to Germany and the Netherlands. As a family business, Golden Parmen is always open for new partnerships and opportunities to expand its production and exporting activities.

Mykola Mysnyk

Company address

Golden Parmen, FE
78, Kyivska St., Korop
Chernihiv region
16 200 Ukraine

Contact person

Mr. Ievgen Mysnyk
Mobile: +380 50 465 8900
Fax: +380 46 562 1682