Product range

  • spelt/dinkel wheat
  • pumpkin seeds
  • flax
  • buckwheat
  • holy thistle
  • herbs: marigold, coneflower, althea, fennel

Company profile

Cepheus Group is a young agricultural company dedicated to grow eco-friendly and high-quality organic products. Run by a team of young ambitious agronomists, which founded the company in 2012 in the Zhytomyr region, the company sees its mission to promote organic farming through efficient soil cultivation measures, careful selection of seeds and sound plant care management. The company started with the cultivation of land that was not used for agricultural production for at least 20 years.

Since its first production season in 2013, cultivating mainly spelt wheat, the company has grown from around 200 ha to more than 800 ha, expanding its production with pumpkin and herbs. In the coming year, additional 2'000 ha will be added, including 200 ha that will be used for chamomile production.

The company is eager to explore new directions of herb cultivation and processing in partnership with international buyers, and to further increase certified acreages. In 2016, the construction of company’s new herbs processing infrastructure was finalized. Cepheus Group already has experience in exporting organic products to Germany and the Netherlands. The company belongs to Svarog West Group agricultural holding.

Leonid Demianchuk

Company address

Cepheus-Group LLC
7, Vesela St.
Bronyky village
Novohrad-Volynskyi district
Zhytomyr region
11 772 Ukraine

Contact person

Mr. Leonid Demianchuk
Mobile: +380 97 915 7632