1st Preparatory meeting regarding organisation of the Ukrainian National Pavilion at BioFach 2017 took place on August 31.

28th World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food «BioFach» (BioFach, www.biofach.de/en) will take place on February 15−18, 2016 in Nuremberg (Germany). Ukrainian National Pavilion will be presented there for the Fourth time and will bring together 12 co-exhibiting companies.

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BioFach 2017 co-exhibiting companies, representatives of the Consortium — Coordinator of the Ukrainian National Pavilion: Viktoriya Havryliuk (QueS LLC), Sergiy Galashevskyi (Organic Standard LLC), Kateryna Shor (Information Centre «Green Dossier») and Lyudmyla Pivniuk, as well as Project Leader of Swiss-Ukrainian Project «Organic Market Development in Ukraine» Tobias Eisenring took part in the 1st preparatory meeting.

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Co-exhibiting companies which will be presented in Ukrainian National Pavilion at BioFach 2017:

  • Agrofirm Pole LTD — processing, export
  • Galeks-Agro PE — crop production, processing, export
  • Granit-Agro PE — crop production, processing, export
  • Rivneholod ALC — processing, export of berries
  • Ethnoproduct PrJSC — crop production, processing, export/import
  • SIC Elitphito PE — processing, export of organic oils
  • Soyevyi vik PE — crop production, export
  • Adonis-Luks LLC — processing, export
  • Cepheus Group LLC (Svarog West Group Corporation) — crop production, export
  • Organic Standard Ltd — organic certification
  • Liluck LTD — production, export of organic juices
  • Agroecology PE — crop production, export

Inviting you for cooperation!