Product range

  • spelt
  • austrian winter pea
  • vetch
  • buckwheat

Company profile

Staryi Porytsk was founded in 2010 as an organic company. Situated in the Volyn region, on the border to Poland, it has favorable conditions for export into the EU. In regard to agricultural production, the company specializes in growing cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and fodder for its own cattle. With its own dairy breed, since 2016, the company has started to produce own organic cheese (hard/soft sorts) and butter. Staryi Porytsk has at its disposal around 1'000 hectares of agricultural land, and, since 2014, it has exported up to 1'000 tons of organic produce per year. The company has export experience with the following countries: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany. For 2017, flax, buckwheat, spelt, and lupine will be the key crops for export.

Since 2014, Staryi Porytsk is certified by Organic Standard according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard and Bio Suisse standards.

Valentyn Obshtyr

Company address

Staryi Porytsk LLC
Staryi Porytsk village
Ivanychi district
Volyn region, 45 343 Ukraine

Contact person

Mrs. Natalia Tkach
Mobile: +380 97 952 0032