Product range

  • Birch sap without sugar
  • Birch sap infused with nettle
  • Birch sap «Lahidnyi» with fructose
  • Birch sap with rosehip infusion
  • Birch sap infused with mint
  • Birch sap infused with lemon
  • Birch sap with lemon

Company profile

The Liluck company was founded in 2001 to specialize on 100% natural saps and juices filled in glass containers. Liluck’s core business is the production organic birch sap/water, being the leading company in Ukraine in producing and selling such products within the national and international market. Liluck has export experience with Germany, the U.S., Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, China, France, Austria, Israel, Romania, and The Netherlands.

Liluck’s production facilities are situated in the village of Hlyboka, located in Pre-Carpathians of the Chernivtsi region, where the company sources its raw material. This area is famous for its rich variety of forests, orchards, and pastures. There are no harmful industries in the region, thus the company’s final products are naturally pure and safe. In recent years, the company has made considerable investments into the development, modernization, and upgrading of the manufacturing infrastructure to safeguard product quality and comply with the European food product safety standards. As a result, a quality and food safety management system has been introduced in compliance with international certification scheme FSSC 22 000 (Standards ISO 22 000, ISOTS 22 000−2). Since 2012, Liluck is certified as an organic operator by Organic Standard in accordance with EU standards No 834/2007 and No 889/2008. Since 2016, Liluck is also certified by CERES in accordance with NOP standards (USDA Organic).

This company is a licensee of the Ukrainian regional trademark «Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians».

Volodymyr Zavadovskiy

Company Address

Liluck LLC
26, Cherepovetska St.
58 009 Ukraine

Contact person

Mr. Andrii Martyniuk
Mobile: +380 95 419 4848