Agroecology products

Product range

  • winter wheat; wheat groats, wheat flour
  • spelt/dinkel wheat, spring wheat
  • rye; rye flour
  • barley; pearl barley, fine-ground barley
  • oat; oat flakes, oat flour
  • corn; corn groats, corn flour
  • millet; hulled millet
  • buckwheat; buckwheat groats, buckwheat flour, buckwheat husks
  • sunflower; flax
  • soya; chick-pea

Company profile

Agroecology is one of the pioneers in organic agriculture within Ukraine. The company is committed to organic farming practices since the 1980s, having developed an own organic management system aiming to preserving and increasing soil fertility as part of its production process.

The company is certified by Organic Standard according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard and the Bio Suisse standard. Agroecology’s production unit involves more than 7'000 hectares of organic arable land in the Shyshaky and Zinkiv district of the Poltava region, in the central part of Ukraine. The company harvests 7−10 thousand tons of cereals per year. The functional integration of animal husbandry — the company has also 6'000 heads of dairy cattle — and arable crop production is key for the company’s success in improving soil fertility as a means to obtain quality harvest of cereals, pulses, and oil crops. Agroecology has also own processing infrastructure. Agroecology targets both the domestic and the export market, with clients in Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands and Austria.

Gleb Lukyanenko

Company address

Agroecology PE
Mykhailyky village
Shyshaky district
Poltava region
38 013 Ukraine

Contact persons

Mr. Gleb Lukyanenko /
Mr. Zakharchenko Pavlo
Phone: +380 53 529 7859
Fax: +380 53 529 7859